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In the New Interface of the GoDaddy there is no way you can Manage CPU or Entry Processes Because there is no Interface or portal to manage it , So there is only one Option is Way around
  1. There is no Option PHP Processes , *Used to be ()
  2. Go to GoDaddy Account by logging in
  3. Manage Hosting
  4. Make Sure SSH is Enabled
  5. Reset the Password and set new SSH password
  6. Download Putty
  7. Enter C-Panel IP address
  8. Enter C-panel username and password (Just Reset)
  9. type top
  10. You can see the Running Process and find out the process with High CPU Usage
  11. Press K
  12. Enter the Process ID then Enter again
  13. Enter 9 in Signal
  14. You can see the Usage is now low on the CPU.

Please comment if there is any confusion or suggestion.
Country : Muscat, Oman

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